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Intelligent Supply Chain Management / i-SCM :

Dedicated to Retailers to manage their supply chain.

Product Files Management
一 For Buyers managing their selected products.
  • Public Products File

    For products that are open published on
    moreplus-sourcing.com for all the buyers.
    Buyers can select products from moreplus-sourcing.com's
    category and put them into “Public Products File”
  • Special Products File

    For products that are only exposed to
    certain buyers.
    Buyers can set up a special products file based
    on the agreement with the Supplier. The special
    products will not be exposed to any other buyers.
  • Collected Products File

    For products which are from other
    trading platforms.
    Buyers can copy links of products from other
    sources available on moreplus-sourcing.com and paste the
    links back to collected products file so that those
    products can be traded with moreplus-sourcing.com’s
    e-Transaction system.

1、All products in the three files can be traded and managed on moreplus-sourcing.com;

2、The related transaction process is implemented according to the e-Contract through moreplus-sourcing.com’s e-Transaction system;

3、Applicable to small but frequent whole-sale purchase ;

Trace and Track
Manage all orders and products by ONE barcode from end to end

Supply Chain Visualization

Tracking process : Information can be tracked and queried based on
Purchase Order Management

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